Chapter 1 Introduction

In this chapter we load all the packages and data we’ll be using throughout the book. We also provide descriptions of the variables that form the (fictional) HISP program evaluation data set. You can download the data from the GitHub repo associated with this book:

# Loading of packages, data, and seed setting here

df <- read_dta("./data/evaluation.dta")
vars <- read_csv("./data/variable_desc.csv")


# subset data to only "eligible" units
df_elig <- df %>%
  filter(eligible == 1)

The dataset is at the level of household and round. This means that one observation (row) captures information for one household either in the baseline (round 0) or in the follow- up survey (round 1). In other words, every household appears on two rows: one for the baseline and one for the follow-up survey.

1.1 Variable Definitions

1.1.1 Outcome Variable

variable description
health_expenditures Out of pocket health expenditures (per person per year)

1.1.2 Control Variables

variable description
age_hh Age of the head of the household (in years)
age_sp Age of the spouse (in years)
educ_hh Education of the head of household (completed years of schooling)
educ_sp Education of the spouse (completed years of schooling)
female_hh Head of the household is a woman (0=no 1=yes)
indigenous Head of household speaks an indigenous language (0=no 1=yes)
hhsize Number of household members (baseline)
dirtfloor Home has a dirt floor at baseline (0=no 1=yes)
bathroom Home with private bathroom at baseline (0=no 1=yes)
land Number of hectares of land owned by household at baseline

1.1.3 Other Variables

variable description
locality_identifier Locality identifier
household_identifier Unique household identifier
treatment_locality Household is located in treatment community (0=no 1=yes)
promotion_locality Household is located in promoted community (0=no 1=yes)
eligible Household eligible to enroll in HISP (0=no 1=yes)
enrolled HH enrolled in HISP (0=no 1=yes)
enrolled_rp Household enrolled in HISP under the random promotion scenario (0=no 1=yes)
poverty_index Poverty Index 1-100
round Survey round (0 = baseline; 1 = follow-up)
hospital HH member visited hospital in the past year (0=no 1=yes)